Bags Across the Globe(BAG) is a global intervention conceived and carried out by Ann Savageau from 2008 to the present. The large-scale installation addresses the disastrous unintended environmental consequences of one of the most widespread consumer products on the globe, the single use plastic shopping bag.  It offers a more benign and attractive alternative: reusable cloth shopping bags designed and made by Savageau and her students from discarded fabric swatches. This piece challenges our conceptions of the useful and useless and raises our awareness of how a single consumer product has altered our environment.

Created by Ann Savageau, artist and professor, with the assistance of Christopher Beer, artist and principal preparator at the UC Davis Design Museum, and design student Jessica Dutt. Thanks to Bob Morgan, whose expert advice and assistance made this project possible; and to Carol Shu and Nicole Stark for technical assistance.  Also a special thanks to the Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago.


Presented by Design Department, University of California, Davis